Don't change the people you love may be the single worst piece of relationship advice ever given. The stark reality is that if you don t find a way to change those you love, there s a high chance they ll annoy the shit out of you, and you ll be left feeling resentful, frustrated or even hateful.

Leading life coach Jaemin Frazer argues that to prevent our relationships descending into maximum-level annoyance, not only is adjusting and improving the behaviour of those you love appropriate, it is essential. To do so, you will need leverage.

Based on the principles of Security, Clarity, Integrity, Maturity and Authority, the Leverage Model is a fascinating and at times confronting framework that will equip you with the sense-making paradigms, tools, skills and confidence to build closer, stronger and happier relationships.

These concepts can be applied to your romantic relationships and your relationships with your children, parents, friends even work colleagues or your boss.

But it all starts with you. The first and most important focus is to use leverage to improve the quality of your relationship with yourself. It is only out of the overflow of a deeply loving relationship with yourself that you will ever be able to understand the nuance required to have a deeply loving relationship with another person.

Developed through Jaemin s personal experience of using leverage to improve the quality of his relationships, and examples from a lifetime of working with others to do the same, Leverage is a groundbreaking relationship guide for anyone who wants to genuinely grow their relationships and live a meaningful and happy life.