"This special edition includes additional content such as a page of information on the history of the ANZACS and the shared experience of ANZAC and Turkish soldiers, as well as a 'How to draw Anzac Ted' activity page."
Meet a bear who is more extraordinary than most in this poignant story about the Anzac spirit, re-issued as a gorgeous hardback to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Anzac Ted is no ordinary bear. He's got worn patches, frayed threads, missing parts and more... but that's because he's got an incredible story to tell. Long ago, Anzac Ted went to war alongside Grandpa Jack. He kept the soldiers company and gave them courage, becoming a mascot who reassured them that they would make it through.

While Anzac Ted never won a medal, and now doesn't even attract a single vote at classroom Show and Tell, if only everyone looked a little deeper:

'They'd see a hero, plain as day,
Who sits upon my bed.
A hero, who saved me and you.
His name ... is Anzac Ted.'
While several children's picture books cover the world wars, none has ever made the conflict so accessible to children by telling the story of a bear who went to war. Told with love and sensitivity by an award-winning children's author, this is a book that will touch the hearts of children and adults alike.

Hardback  Picture book  32pp  h245mm  x  w255mm  Illustrations, color 

ISBN13: 9781922539755