Despite being oceans apart, Tug and Ship are connected by strong bonds in Anchored, a tale of love and connection told through the relationship of a tugboat and a cargo ship.

Debra Tidball was inspired to write Anchored by the watercraft she observed, on harbourside walks, especially the tugboats that send huge ships out into the open ocean and welcome them back again after long, sometimes perilous journeys. 'As a parent, it made me think about the sustaining power of love - how holding someone in your heart can make you more courageous, and make the world seem like a better, brighter place despite not being together.'

With social work qualifications and a master's degree in Children's Literature, Debra understands the vital role attachment plays in child development. In a world where many parents are separated from their children for periods of time due to work and/or living arrangements, a sense of attachment can feel stretched. Anchored is a reassuring book reminding children that the love they share with their parents/caregivers can sustain time apart: they are firmly anchored in each other's hearts.

Anchored honours the intrinsic value and worth of a child and the sustaining power of love. It's an empowering story that will give children a sense of pride and strength to get through the 'missing you' days.