Little Brother is told by his brother and his friends that he's too small to help out at the Spring Festival. He's too little to fly a kite and he's not strong enough to hold a dragon pole. But Father says he has a special job to do. What can it be?

He knows it's not hanging the lanterns up, as Father has already done that. He knows it's not choosing the treats from the hawker as Father has already chosen a duck. He knows it's not serving tea or lighting fire crackers as he did those jobs last year.

Follow Little Brother through the village to find out what his special job is.

Christopher Cheng's story and Di Wu's paintings recreate the magic of celebrating New Year in snowy rural northern China. Di's stunning artwork reflects Chinese traditional techniques, using rice paper, Chinese brushes and the colours of traditional paintings.

At the back of the book, read about some of the different festivals held in China and about the rural setting of the book. Images from the National Library of Australia's collection illustrate this section.


Paperback / softback  36pp  h255mm  x  w245mm 

ISBN13: 9781922507419