Provocation is a taut psychological thriller about the lines between threat and safety. Reminiscent of Claire Mackintosh and CL Taylor, the first instalment of Meg Vann’s InSecurity Triptych pits a young woman’s instincts against a system determined to prove her wrong.

Madeline Kyle is putting her life back together, throwing herself into a new library job after years of restrictive psychiatric care. Ready to put her past behind her and prove she can stand on her own, Madeline cleaves to personal rules and routines in order to hold back the paranoia and anorexia nervosa that first derailed her life.

For the first time, Madeline feels safe and in control of her future, but an encounter with a library security guard threatens everything she works for. Madeline’s instincts scream that his furtive interest is a harbinger of danger, but her therapist suggest it’s all in her head and perhaps she’s not ready to move out on her own.

ISBN: 9781922478037
Author: Vann, Meg
Format: Paperback