When Harry Saddler first encountered a quoll while camping as a boy, he was struck by the beauty of the timid creature who had emerged from the bush, sniffing for dinner. As Harry frantically snapped a photo, the agile-spotted quoll stole his fruitcake and disappeared into the undergrowth.

That blurry photo records the only time Harry would see a quoll in the wild. After years of habitat destruction, the species is now on the brink of extinction and Harry, contemplating fatherhood, aches for the absence of all the species lost to children born today.
Questions Raised By Quolls is an eloquent examination of extinction and conservation set against the backdrop of global climate change. From his own family lineage, Harry reveals how the prosperity of the human race runs parallel with the decline of the natural world. Evocative and challenging, this eulogy to lost species will force you to question your place in the vast interconnected web of life.

ISBN: 9781922419514
Author: Saddler, Harry
Publication date: 27/07/2021
Format: Hardback
Pages: 224
Dimension: 218mm X 147mm