What can we learn about learning?

Australians have one of the highest levels of educational attainment in the world, but not every Australian has access to a world-class education. What represents a 'good' education in a country with an increasingly segmented school system and a tertiary sector that faces profound uncertainties, both financial and existential?

Griffith Review 75: Learning Curves explores the full spectrum of educational experiences - from preschool to postgrad, from private to public, and from sandstone to the school of life.

How has the global information age reshaped our knowledge institutions? What potential and possibilities lie in embracing Australia's vast repositories of First Nations' knowledge? Are traditional subjects - arts, humanities, social sciences - still relevant in an increasingly contested field? And what do those engaged in the different aspects of learning - students, teachers, policymakers - make of their experiences?

Learning Curves navigates a range of life-long learning pathways, and explores the necessity of rupture and transformation along the way.