Our Ancestors Return Home

The Power and the Passion highlights the urgent need for the repatriation of ancestral remains, and for the return of all precious cultural material to its rightful owners. Taking the 1985 landmark reburial of ancestral remains in Melbourne's Kings Domain Garden as a central point, Shannon Faulkhead and Uncle Jim Berg provide an insightful and incisive perspective on the historically complex relationships that many of Australia's cultural institutions have had with the First People of this country.

This vital text takes a personal, in-depth lens to the ongoing battle for self-determination in caring for Ancestors, and is essential reading for anyone seeking information on decolonising Australia's histories.

ISBN:   9781921833632
Author:   Shannon Faulkhead and Jim Berg
Publication date:  01//12/2022
Format:  Paperback
Pages:  192
Dimension: 230mm X 165mm