Psychoanalysis famously privileges the vertical relationship between a child (the patient) and their parents over the seemingly equal and unproblematic horizontal connections between siblings. This issue of Granta tells a different story - one of chaotic hierarchies, a zerosum game of sibling competition alternating with tenderness; lifelong relationships that nevertheless can sometimes break.

Featuring memoir by Sara Baume, Suzanne Brogger (Tr. Saskia Vogel), Emma Cline, Omer Friedlander, Charlie Gilmour, Lauren Groff, Will Harris, Lauren John Joseph, Viktoria Lloyd-Barlow, Jamal Mahjoub, Andrew Miller, John Niven, Vanessa Onwuemezi, Karolina Ramqvist (Tr. Caroline Waight), Taiye Selasi, Angelique Stevens.

With fiction by Colin Barrett and Ben Pester, a graphic short story by Lee Lai; poetry by Will Harris, K Patrick, and Natalie Shapero, and photoessays by Sebastian Bruno introduced by Sophie Mackintosh and Julian Slagman introduced by Alice Hattrick.

Review: Still the coolest magazine to have on your coffee table * Observer *
A stunning contribution to contemporary literature * Newsweek *