Familiar playmates for most children, teddy bears are seen as warm, friendly, tolerant, accepting and compassionate friends. So it's no wonder that children love them, often having a favourite teddy bear. The Only Bear For Me embraces this powerful and emotive symbol of childhood with a fantastical rhyming story. On arriving home one day the child is visited by bears from all over the world. Brown bears, Spectacled bears, Grizzly bears and more . . . Despite the excitement of this wonderful adventure there is only one bear that is soft and comforting, easily held and ever so precious. Which one is it? With space for a personalised message in the front, this hardback book makes a wonderful keepsake gift and can be purchased with or without the bear that is illustrated in the book.

Hardback  32pp  h210mm  x  w210mm 

ISBN13: 9781907860850