Utterly charming! Penguin Oh Penguin is a gentle early childhood story about a penguin that runs away to be at sea. Rhyme is one of the building blocks of language learning, and this prosaic title highlights friendship, hope and home. The lilting rhythm of the verse comes through and is an absolute delight to read aloud. Perfect for toddlers and little wrigglers, this book will also appeal to older children who will love reading it themselves, or who may want to sing along.

'I wrote Penguin Oh Penguin for my children over sixty years ago. I was always making up stories and songs for them but this one was the favourite. It came about when I bought a little black velvet penguin toy that we played with at bedtime.' - Gladys Milroy

'The Penguin song has lasted throughout the generations and has been sung to my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.' - Gladys Milroy

Hardback  32pp  h180mm  x  w180mm 

ISBN13: 9781875641697