A beautifully illustrated history of an iconic Australian object - the stock saddle When Clancy rode down the Cooper, Ned Kelly went on the run and Hugh Jackman's Drover headed for Darwin, they all rode in an Australian stock saddle. Developed in response to the unique challenges of the Australian environment, the Australian stock saddle is known for its comfort and ease when riding, especially over unpredictable terrain. From its early iterations in the 1800s to modern-day saddles, the stock saddle has underpinned many of this country's most iconic historical events, but its history has never been written. Wild Ride captures this story - from colonial pioneers to Aboriginal stockmen and women, from bushrangers to the Boer War, and from the earliest crafters to the most recent handstitched examples. Saddlers are highly skilled leatherworkers; it can take months to finish a single saddle. This gorgeous book captures the work of saddlers such as Jack Wieneke, J.P. Talty and Syd Hill as well as many contemporary makers, and celebrates a uniquely Australian object - a piece of functional art. Illustrated with sumptuous photography of Australia's largest saddle collection - the Drapac Collection - this comprehensive, beautiful book will appeal to all lovers of horses, the outback and Australian history. With a foreword by Michael Drapac, Australian stock saddle connoisseur. 'A comprehensive, illuminating history of one of the true icons of Australian rural life' -Tom Burlinson

ISBN:  9781863959674
Author:  Carruthers, Fiona
Publication date: 16/05/2023
Format: Hardback
Pages: 464
Dimension: 237mm X 177mm