From the maverick creative mind behind Wreck this Journal, Keri Smith's This is Not A Book is curious, engaging, and creative rethinking of what a book can be.

This object does not exist without you. You will determine the content and the final product. All will be shaped by your imagination. You must go out into the world in order to bring it to life and complete the assignments.

With intriguing prompts, you will discover that this book can be:
- A secret message: tear out a page, write a note on it for a stranger, and leave it in a public place.
- A recording device: have everyone you contact today write their name in the book.
- An instrument: create as many sounds as you can using the book, like flipping the pages fast or slapping the cover.

This Is Not a Book will engage readers by having them define everything a book can be by asking, 'If it's not a book, what is it then?' - with a kaleidoscope of possible answers.

ISBN: 9781846144448
Author: Smith, Keri
Publication date: 30/05/2011
Format: Paperback
Pages: 221
Dimension: 197mm X 128mm