Test your 90s knowledge with this awesome trivia card game!

Welcome to the Best of the '90s, a fun trivia game that will take you on a sentimental journey through an exceptionally unforgettable decade! In this game you'll find 60 trivia cards with over 470 questions on the following subjects: Movies, Television, Music, Popular Culture, Politics, Sports, and Toys & Games. The questions probe topics ranging from Britney Spears to the Clinton years, from Pocahontas to Pokemon, and from eBay to Y2K.

So, gather your Friends around, break out the Crystal Pepsi, open the Dunkaroos and take a Quantum Leap back to The Wonder Years!

60pp  h150mm  x  w104mm  Contains 60 cards  60 cards in box  In box 

ISBN13: 9781838611187