Summer 1979. In the idyllic suburban neighbourhood of Ridgefield, during a scorching heat wave, four couples gather for their weekly dinner party. An ordinary evening. It's a chance for friends to catch-up, to show off their perfect marriages, to have a break from the kids... but secrets hide behind the lit-up picture windows and carefully curated lawns. The beginning of a nightmare. When Frank Callaghan checks on the sleeping children, he finds an empty crib where his 4-month old daughter Megan should be sleeping. The party-goers swear they didn't see anything. No one left the dinner table. Forty years later, Megan's sister Amanda is still searching for answers when a stranger knocks at her door claiming to be Megan. The family are sceptical until they see what she is holding - Megan's blanket, taken the night she disappeared. This shock appearance unearths many questions: Where has Megan been all of this time? Who knows what happened that night? And how well do you really know your neighbours? The new exciting thriller by Rebecca Heath, author of THE SUMMER PARTY. A dark and twisty domestic thriller set in a seemingly idyllic suburban neighbourhood, where family secrets are best kept buried...

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (UK)  416pp  Paperback 

ISBN13: 9781804546093