A teenage boy's worries about whether he might be gay become intensified when his mum decides to become a surrogate for a gay couple. A commercial coming-of-age story for tweens exploring identity, family and self-acceptance from award-winning author Sarah Hagger-Holt.

Thirteen-year-old Aidan can't breathe in his crowded family home. Running is his only respite from four loud sisters and involved, touchy-feely parents. Then his mum makes an announcement: she's having another baby. Only, this time it's not for her; she will be a surrogate for gay couple Justin and Atif. Aidan is incensed. As if his family wasn't embarrassing - or big - enough already. But he's also scared. Aidan thinks he might be gay, and he's really struggling to accept this possibility. What if being around Justin and Atif means that he has to come out before he's ready?If only he were just like everyone else.

Paperback / softback  320pp  h198mm  x  w130mm  x s20mm  270g 

ISBN13: 9781801315784