Humble takes up-to-date cutting-edge scientific research and demonstrates how this undervalued trait has the power to change the way we live, think and act.

Humility has long been extolled as an ancient virtue. However, recent scientific research has revealed what our ancestors already knew - that humility has the transformative power to change people's lives, their relationships, their work and society itself. Humility stands in stark contrast with the current state of things, offering us a way to engage ourselves and others with honesty, curiosity and open-mindedness, providing us with the ability to present our ideas and views modestly, share praise and blame, and consider the needs of others.

This is the first to book to look at what humility is, why it's important and how to nurture it for personal and societal change, in order to build tolerance and bridge divides.

Dr Daryl R. Van Tongeren presents three reasons it is such a valuable trait for us as individuals, for our personal relationships and for professional success. He shows us practical ways we can develop and regulate it and how, by cultivating a more humble perspective, society and our world can change.