The 3 Qualities of True Leaders

Whether setting out on your career or already ensconced in the boardroom, you will not succeed on your own. You need others to choose to listen, buy into and come with you.

Global leadership expert Larry Robertson highlights communication as the most critical yet least well practised aspect of leadership, using his 3 Qualities of True Leadership: Authenticity (AQ), Empathy (EQ) and Intent (IQ).

WHY YOU? is packed with stories, examples and tools to help you lift your game holistically, both as a true leader and a better person.

Drawing on his own extensive experience of coaching the world's leading executives, Larry offers advice into many of the challenges that current and potential leaders face:

Negotiating the near impossible deal
Taking organisations to the top
Invigorating teams
Managing tensions
Winning over sceptical stakeholders
Leveraging the value of diversity
Building a meaningful career
Pitching ideas successfully
Creating a personal legacy

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