Nina is not like the other children. She doesn't want to stay up late like the grown-ups do. In fact, she can't WAIT to go to sleep . . . because that's when dreams happen. She goes on amazing adventures to the jungle, explores cake villages and visits a city on wheels. When she wakes up she MUST tell everyone . . . but something strange is happening. Her dreams wiggle and twist, shrink and grow until they're nothing like her dream at all. And then one night, her dream isn't fun or exciting . . . but quite scary instead.

Join the determined heroine as she captures her dreams once and for all!

With its bright, bold illustrations, this bedtime book dives into early experiences of good and bad dreams. It explores dream journalling for the very young, making this the perfect book to share with little ones as they settle to sleep.

Hardback  32pp  h295mm  x  w255mm  x s9mm  465g 

ISBN13: 9781800784581