For Bob and his best friend Malcolm, winning the school talent competition with their band The Tentacles of Time is really important. And that's before they realise the future of the world depends on it . . .

Bob doesn't know why he can time travel. He does know that it always happens at the worst possible moments. Like when he's in the bath. Awkward! But when Bob comes face to face with his future self in the midst of a disastrous alternative reality, he's got no choice but to try and . . . do something!

In this future, an evil genius has created a smile-operated selfie camera that turns people into zombies, and the world as Bob knows it has completely collapsed. There's not even anywhere to get a takeaway pizza from . . . Things are SERIOUSLY bad.

Now it's up to Bob to change the course of the present to save future him, future Malcolm AND the whole world. Yikes!