Knock-Knock is the world's oldest joke and yet has never gotten old! (It just feels it.)

Invented by William Shakespeare in 1606, (appearing in his famed tragedy, Macbeth; bet you never knew that) the humble Knock-Knock joke has made eyes roll, noses snort and mouths chuckle for centuries. Since the Bard's drunken Beelzebub bit the long-suffering gag became a global 'punomenon' (in 1936) before settling today as the world's best kids (and Dads) joke format that encourages giggles and grimaces in equal measure... with endless punning potential.

The latest kid on the block in Welbeck's big-selling Small and Mighty gift series, compiled by (self-proclaimed) 'World's funniest joke compiler', Malcolm Croft, The Small and Mighty Book of Knock Knock Jokes is a tiny bundle of joy that includes all the classic and vintage Knock-Knock jokes, as well as all the modern, twenty-first century ones too. And because the jokes are all clean and family-friendly, you can share them with kids of all ages without worrying about anything inappropriate.

If laughter is indeed the best medicine, we recommend you take two Small and Mighty Book of Knock Knock Jokes with a glass of water and have a lie down - you'll find something to tickle your funny bone in no time, guaranteed!

Knock-Knock! - Who's there? - Boo - Boo who? - Don't cry, it's just a joke.

The World Record for the most knock-knock jokes told in one minute is 24, told by Alex and Andrea Rose from Texas in 2015.

Hardback  192pp  h137mm  x  w113mm 

ISBN13: 9781800695436