Why we're all crazy about Keanu.

When even your name is beautiful (Keanu means "cool breeze over the mountains"), it's no surprise that Keanu Reeves was destined to become one of world's biggest and most enduring film stars. Bursting onto our screens in eighties in River's Edge and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, his run of smash hits continued through the next decade with Point Break, Much Ado About Nothing, Speed, and his groundbreaking role as Neo in The Matrix. Then, in 2014, his sensational comeback in the John Wick films catapulted him right back to the top of the Hollywood A-list.

No stranger to tragedy in his personal life - his baby was stillborn and his partner died in a car accident two years later - Keanu is as famous for his kindness, wisdom and philanthropy as he is for his film career. He has secretly donated large sums to children's hospitals, given generous gifts to crew members on set and made headlines for his kindness to fans. Join us in a celebration of the man widely known as "the Internet's boyfriend".

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