The Small and Mighty range is the ultimate pocket-sized collectible series for young readers who can't get enough of their favourite subject.

This Small and Mighty Book is a treasure trove bursting with facts about myths and legends from around the world. Inside readers will discover some of the earliest stories ever told, from gods and supernatural forces to a three-headed guard dog and coloured clouds forming the world. With a wealth of fun and fascinating mythical facts that were passed down by word of mouth as early peoples tried to make sense of the world around them, this is a book no legend lover can afford to be without!

Bumba created the Universe in the Congo creation myth because he was lonely and unwell. He vomited up the Sun, Moon, stars and nine animals from which all the creatures of the world were created.

In ancient Egypt, people were often buried with their possessions. Important people were often buried with models of servants called Ushabtis to serve them in the afterlife.

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  144pp  h140mm  x  w116mm  x s20mm  240g  clr illus 

ISBN13: 9781800693685