The Small and Mighty range is the ultimate pocket-sized collectible series for young readers who can't get enough of their favourite topic.

The Small and Mighty Book of Deadly Creatures is a treasure trove of dangerous animal information. Inside, readers will discover tons of original animal art, plus a wealth of fun and fascinating creature facts. From tiny insects to powerful polar bears and sperm whales bigger than a school bus, read about the dangerous animals that come in all shapes and sizes. With profiles of the world's most terrifying creatures, this is a book no young animal lover can afford to be without!

The largest four-legged hunter on Earth today is the polar bear, weighing up to 600 kg. Standing on its hind legs, a polar bear can rear up 3.5 m tall - twice the height of an adult human.

Many owls have special wing feathers which muffle the sound of the air rushing over their wings as they fly. These allow the owl to hunt quietly and stealthily to grab prey by surprise.

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  144pp  h137mm  x  w113mm  illus 

ISBN13: 9781800693661