Edgar Allan Poe, the original master of the macabre and dark Romantic writer of Gothic novels, detective stories, poetry, short stories and satires is synonymous with themes of premature burial, death, madness and mysticism. His life was intriguing and his early death at 40 was appropriately mysterious - dying in delirium (possibly opium, alcohol, rabies or syphilis induced) in someone else's clothes on the streets of Baltimore.

One of the most recognizable and widely referenced literary figures, outside of the enormous popularity of his literature, Poe also became a compelling popular culture figure, especially for literary, horror and sci-fi fans. The Little Book of Edgar Allan Poe is made up of fascinating, poignant, witty and occasionally disturbing quotes from across the breadth of Poe's work, as well as comments from his contemporaries, extracts from letters and interesting facts about the man's life and works. It adds up to a fascinating overview of this unique literary character and the incredible fiction he produced.