How did a modest industry of diets and calisthenics evolve into this mammoth business of luxe self-care?

In this fun-filled dive into the wellness industry, journalist Rina Raphael looks at the roots of a sector that is now worth $4.5 trillion dollars and explores why it's been so alluring to women all over the globe, promising health and vitality in the most fashionable package.

At times both fun and funny, from interviews with leading players in the industry to adventures in more bizarre practices such as desert dancing while drinking your own urine, The Gospel of Wellness reveals how its growth is a direct result of gender inequalities and structural sexism within medicine and society, forcing women to look elsewhere for health solutions. In theory a huge force for good, women are now flooded with offerings from more exploitative areas of the industry, peddling snake oil and questionable ideas for a pretty price.

For anyone who values their exercise but has raised an eyebrow at the use of a certain jade egg, The Gospel of Wellness balances the bad with the good and offers a cool and steady look at a powerful player in today's society.