An urgent and riveting new book from the bestselling author- his first major work of popular science and environmental activism - part love letter to the insect world, part elegy, part rousing manifesto for change. 'Compelling, penetrating, devastating - Silent Earth is a wake-up call for the world.' Isabella Tree We have to learn to live as part of nature, not apart from it. And the first step is to start looking after the insects, the little creatures that make our shared world go round. Insects are essential for life as we know it. As they become more scarce, our world will slowly grind to a halt; we simply cannot function without them. Drawing on the latest ground-breaking research and a lifetime's study, Dave Goulson reveals the shocking decline of insect populations that has taken place in recent decades, with potentially catastrophic consequences. He passionately argues that we must all learn to love, respect and care for our six-legged friends. Eye-opening, inspiring and riveting, Silent Earth is part love letter to the insect world, part elegy, part rousing manifesto for a greener planet. It is a call to arms for profound change at every level - in government policy, agriculture, industry and in our own homes and gardens. Although time is running out, it is not yet too late for insect populations to recover. We may feel helpless in the face of many of the environmental issues that loom on our horizon, but Goulson shows us how we can all take simple steps to encourage insects and counter their destruction.

ISBN: 9781787333352
Author: Goulson, Dave
Publication date: 17/08/2021
Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Dimension: 134mm X 153mm