Just like you, Dr Michael Brooks and Rick Edwards have watched movies and been sucked into those fictional worlds. They've written an amusing book exploring and unpicking these much-loved stories, revealing the science within. They've chatted to some of the most respected names in science to get to the bottom of these alternate realities. And if at any point the reader is confused, relax - so is Rick. And he makes sure Michael explains it clearly. Based on their hit podcast, this popular (hopefully) science (definitely) book dedicates each chapter to an iconic movie, and seeks to answer the key questions arising from it. From Jurassic Park (Could we ever bring back extinct species?) to The Matrix (Is it possible we're living in a computer simulation?), this is a wild ride through modern astrophysics, biology, neuroscience, behavioural science, technology, and lots of other-ologies.

ISBN: 9781786492210
Author: Edwards, Rick
Publication date: 25/10/2017
Format: Hardback
Pages: 272
Dimension: 210mm X 148mm