Open the Cabinet to leap back in time, learn about linguistic trivia, follow a curious thread or wonder at the web of connections in the English language. 1 January quaaltagh (n.) the first person you meet on New Year's Day 1 April dorbellist (n.) a fool, a dull-witted dolt 12 May word-grubber (n.) someone who uses obscure or difficult words in everyday conversation 25 Septembertheic (adj.) an excessive drinker of tea 24 Decemberdoniferous (adj.) carrying a gift Paul Anthony Jones has unearthed a wealth of strange and forgotten words: illuminating some aspect of the day, or simply telling a cracking good yarn, each reveals a story. Written with a light touch that belies the depth of research it contains, this is both a fascinating compendium of etymology and a captivating historical miscellany. Dip into this beautiful book to be delighted and intrigued throughout the year. "Cracking open its beautifully crafted cover is like peeking into an old, mysterious cabinet ... The book's conceit is brilliant, the writing is crisp, and the tales are well-chosen and captivating" - Mashed Radish

ISBN: 9781783964390
Author: Jones, Paul Anthony
Publication date: 01/09/2019
Format: Paperback
Dimension: 199mm X 129mm