From the moment six-year-old Eva wakes up, her day is full of questions. Her Peruvian Papa says she has billions of questions, but really Eva has balloons full of questions that she carries around until she can find the answers.

She has big questions like "What can I do about all the plastic in the ocean?" and small questions like "Donde esta Peru?" She has bright questions: "? Los unicornios existen?" and warm questions: "Could I invent a hug that would last all day long?" She has funny questions like "Do bats get dizzy hanging upside down?" and confusing questions: "Why are oranges orange?!"

Sometimes Eva's bunch of balloons grows so big that it feels overwhelming, but she's learning that it can take time to find out all the answers, and that's OK.

This funny and heart-warming story by Scottish author Amy Moreno inventively captures the joy and busyness of young children's minds and encourages families to ask questions -- even when they don't have the answers. Coming from a bilingual family, Amy gives authentic insight into how Eva communicates, with a lively story in English and Spanish. Mexican illustrator Carlos Velez's wonderfully vivid artwork is full of warmth and humour.