From Maurice Sendak, the unrivalled illustrator of Where The Wild Things Are, and long-time collaborator and friend Arthur Yorinks. This never-before published tale is an imaginative romp through the world of Limboland. Two great friends - a friendship largely inspired by Maurice Sendak's and Arthur Yorkink's own - must brave a monster, a singing cow, and several berserk goats, to complete their quest. And the quest they're undertaking? To find a present in time for the wedding of the sugar beets! The pair originally created this tale many years ago, and it has now been reworked by Arthur Yorinks as an ode to their 40-year friendship. With Maurice Sendak's jubilant illustrations and full of the wit and sheer imagination of this creative duo, this new publication is a song to friendship, creativity, and joy. With the classic Maurice Sendak cocktail of depth, spontaneity and humour, this unseen tale will delight fans of both creators.

ISBN: 9781782300748
Author: Sendak, Maurice
Publication date: 03/09/2018
Format: Hardback
Pages: 28
Dimension: 288mm X 208mm