In a world of highly curated Instagram pages and unrealistic expectations of motherhood, Amy Gerard is a gust of fresh air. She does not sugarcoat the fact that her life with her husband and three small children (read: tiny bosses) is a chaotic rollercoaster - seatbelts absolutely required.

But she's learned that life very rarely matches up to our expectations, and it's more helpful (and fun) to embrace the warts-and-all beauty, pain and hilarity of it all. From birth and parenting to marriage and friendship; sex and holidays to family and careers, Amy confesses the wildly hopeful expectations she once held - and candidly reveals how the reality of her life has utterly unravelled them.

A must-read for mums or anyone who has ever compared their own life to an Instagram post, this uplifting and hilarious memoir will make you stop to smell the roses and appreciate what you've got.

Paperback / softback  272pp  h234mm  x  w153mm  298g  C-Format PB 

ISBN13: 9781761470141