'A searingly honest and impassioned account of being an advocate in the social media era, Alyssa's voice is fierce, urgent and brave; and filled with deep familial love. This book burns with an urgency and clarion call to action.' Alice Pung, author of One Hundred Days

This is a book for anyone who believes that racism has no place in Australia's future and is ready to take action.

'I've played the role of the quiet and embarrassed Asian girl who shyly laughs along more than I should have in my lifetime. Enough is enough.'

Growing up, Alyssa Huynh heard stories from her family about their journey from Vietnam to Australia following the fall of Saigon and the racism they experienced upon arrival. While the discrimination she faced was different, she never quite felt like she belonged either.

Longing for a safe space, she turned to the internet. Through sharing her writing online, she created a supportive community for fellow Asians and people of colour with similar experiences, as well as for allies. When some of her views went viral, important conversations were sparked, but there was also racist backlash - showing her that the work was necessary and her voice had impact.

Honest and heartfelt, Safe Space is unapologetically angry and sincerely hopeful. Alyssa explores the challenges she has faced as an Asian-Australian and those that made her the advocate she is today. She also offers practical advice, both to those who are victims of racism and wish to add their voice to the discourse or deepen their connection to their cultural identities, and to allies who want to learn more about how they can meaningfully show their support.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  304pp  h234mm  x  w153mm  Trade Paperback 

ISBN13: 9781761421518