This is a handbook for change. Because we all know ways in which life could be better. And it can be better. We can make it better. We don't need to wait for a leader or saviour. We don't need to limit ourselves to comments and clicks. In this stunningly original comic-book tour of a serious topic, Jeff Sparrow and Sam Wallman explore 12 powerful ideas distilled from the history of struggle for better lives, better working conditions, and a better world. They show how solidarity can be built across growing divisions - without compromising our values. 'Strife' is just another word for making yourself heard. In fun, short, shareable chapters, 12 Rules for Strife shows how together we can change everything. 'This impressively succinct guide to political struggle would make an excellent primer for anyone interested in understanding much of what is happening around the world right now ... Wallman's use of punchy colours and intricate illustration adds dynamic energy to Sparrow's distillation of political theory.' -Sian Cain, The Guardian 'Combining the distilled wisdom of socialist writer Jeff Sparrow and the graphic ingenuity of comic artist Sam Wallman, 12 Rules for Strife is a handbook for changing everything ... Wallman continues the mind-expanding style demonstrated in his previous book Our Members Be Unlimited. Each page bursts forth with breaking walls, connecting ribbons and masses of people combining as one. So much is communicated with relatively few words.' -Andrew Chuter, Green Left Praise for Our Members Be Unlimited- 'Activist and comics journalist Wallman debuts with a convincing, transfixing graphic history of the impact and future potential of unions ... This is a dynamic, persuasive look at labor power.' -Publishers Weekly

Paperback / softback  B-format paperback  128pp  h197mm  x  w130mm  x s12mm  234g 

ISBN13: 9781761380600