Climb on my lap. We're under the moon. We might hear some animales soon. I Hear a Boho is a rhyming story with text in English and Spanish, which encompasses language, the parent-child bond, nature, and the benefit of being still, and listening. A mother and daughter are snuggling together on their porch, listening to the sounds of the night. A girl makes animal calls and her mother responds sweetly. To their surprise a real owl appears and flies across the night sky. 'The patterned rhyming text is calming in its predictability, and the Spanish words and phrases are easily understood in context and from the illustrations ... The striking print-like artwork shows how the child becomes the animals in her imagination. This is a fun call and response bedtime story for kids who know and love their animals.' -Youth Services Book Review

Hardback  Picture book  EU Toy Safety Directive - No warning   32pp  h275mm  x  w240mm  x s9mm 

ISBN13: 9781761380495