An epic romantic adventure of love and war inspired by true ANZAC heroes. 'Fans of Natasha Lester and Victoria Purman will adore...' Better Reading 1914- Brothers Thom and Archie Hogan are the best of friends who love nothing more than tinkering with their father's old biplane. They dream of one day flying over the wheatfields of their farm, but when Molly James arrives in town, matters of the heart come between them. Beautiful and headstrong, Molly captures the attention of both young men, until war strikes and the brothers rush to enlist. Molly answers the call to nurse in London, and nothing is a game any more. In the Middle East and Europe, war takes to the skies for the first time. There, Archie and Thom clash with legendary foes in a desperate quest for survival, even as a battle of hearts wages below. Tension between the trio looks set to implode - just as Molly is faced with a dangerous mission all on her own. At the going down of the sun, heroes will rise, hearts will soar, and ANZAC legend will be made. Based on a true story of the author's grandfather's wartime experiences in Gallipoli, At the Going Down of the Sun explores the intense bond between soldiers and brothers fighting in war, and a love with the power to tear them apart.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (UK)  448pp  h234mm  x  w154mm  x s32mm  536g 

ISBN13: 9781761344435