We are the luckiest, Elliot's dad told her. And Elliot, of course, believed him. Elliott and her family have lived in the house of a thousand storms by Crooked River all her life, with her best friend, Drake, just a kayak ride downstream. But one ordinary evening, Elliott's parents tell her some shattering news and Elliott realises they are no longer the luckiest. Has it all been a lie? As Elliott's life is split apart, she stands to lose all the places and the people she calls home. Except Elliott refuses to lose anything. Because if she lets go of everything she loves, Elliott will surely lose herself too. A heart-wrenching story of loss, love and the things you get to keep from the author of The Other Side of Tomorrow, CBCA Children's Book of the Year Award Honour Book, 2023.

Paperback / softback  360pp 

ISBN13: 9781761291708