Scientifically backed by decades of peer-reviewed research, the Mediterranean diet is a rigorously tested diet that can lower your risk of developing chronic diseases including diabetes, stroke, heart disease, fatty liver, some cancers, depression and dementia. In recent years, the Mediterranean diet has grown in popularity, not just because of its undeniable health benefits, but also because of its focus on fresh, seasonal produce: a vital array of plant-based ingredients, moderate portions of fish and eggs, fermented dairy products, and a small amount of meat. Now Australia's leading expert on the Mediterranean diet, Dr Catherine Itsiopoulos, and her daughter, Vivienne Koutsis, show us how the traditional diet can be adapted so that everyone can enjoy its plentiful benefits. With big flavours and little fuss, these delicious recipes have all been created with modern-day lifestyles in mind, whether you are eating less meat for ethical or environmental concerns, you're avoiding gluten or dairy, or you want to enjoy a classic dish without the traditional preparation time.

Professor Catherine Itsiopoulos is Pro Vice Chancellor of the College of Science, Health, Engineering and Education at Murdoch University. An accredited practising dietitian and a recognised expert in Dietetics, Catherine has international standing as a leader in Mediterranean diet research. She has a particular interest in the Mediterranean diet in the prevention and management of heart disease and diabetes. Catherine has authored over 70 scientific publications - presenting her research nationally and internationally - and has published three books, The Mediterranean Diet, The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook and The Heart Health Guide. Vivienne Koutsis holds a Bachelor of Business (Finance and Commerce) from Monash University. She currently works as a financial analyst. Vivienne has been a vegetarian for five years and is a passionate foodie and home cook.

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