Discover the infinite galaxy of cheese with experts Ellie and Sam Studd, as they share their wealth of knowledge and all the practical info you need to up your cheese game. Learn how to buy and store cheese, pair it perfectly every time and put together a rockstar cheese board. Ellie and Sam guide you through the key categories of cheese - from blues and washed rinds to fresh cheeses such as mozzarella- telling the story of each, explaining how they are made and sharing tasting notes for their favourite cheeses in each category. Then, celebrate cheese in all its oozy glory, with 70 delicious recipes for a casual brunch, midnight snack, date night or picnic with mates. Try summery halloumi and watermelon salad, the best-ever cheese toasties, three genius ways with mac 'n' cheese or baked camembert with caramelised apple and roasted hazelnuts. Get ready to fall (even more!) in love with cheese and arm yourself with all the knowledge you need to select, store, serve, taste and cook with cheese like a true pro.

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ISBN13: 9781761260308