A contemporary young adult novel about the start of a romance and the end of the world, from award-winning Australian YA author, Melissa Keil.

Alba's life is nothing like the comics she draws - there aren't any evil villains or radioactive spiders. But Alba's not complaining. All she needs is her sketchbook, her home behind a bakery and her best friend, Grady.

There's just one small issue - the world might be ending.

As Alba's hometown gets overrun by Doomsday enthusiasts, her life is thrown into chaos. Her best friend is acting far weirder than usual, the guy she thought long gone has unexpectedly reappeared and inspiration for her comic has hit rock bottom.

With the end of the world drawing near, Alba knows it's time to stop being the sidekick in her own story. But as it turns out, Armageddon is the least of her problems ...