A were-dragon? A talking tree? Saving a world she didn't know existed? ... Philomella's having an unusual day. Mystery, humour and sparkling magic combine in this middle-grade fantasy-adventure novel - perfect for fans of The World Between Blinks and The Phantom Tollbooth.

When Philomella is drawn into the Impossible Forest - a place where anything can happen and usually does - she's headed for all the adventure she never wanted. There's a belligerent princess to rescue, trolls to battle and a treacherously bewitching river to cross ... and that's just for starters. They're all part of a mysterious enemy's grand plan to destroy both the Forest and Philomella - and in this world of strange and dangerous magic, she'll have to beat her deadly opponent using only her brains.

And so, joined by some oddball companions (including a picnic basket with attitude, a boy whose ancestors were trees and a grandmother with weaponised kitchenware), Philomella sets out to do the impossible.

Can Philomella save the Forest?
And can she also learn how to save herself?

An utterly enchanting novel for readers aged 9 and up.