The complete guide to planning a wedding with minimum stress and maximum good vibes

Weddings, at their heart, are about two people joining their families and communities together in the name of love, good times and the future.

But when couples start planning their big day, they often find themselves contending with waves of unsolicited advice, old-school rhetoric and overwhelming decision fatigue. Enter Get Wed: the wedding-planning bible to help you navigate everything from budgets to venues, traditions to vows, and run sheets to vendors, to plan a wedding that says 'this is us'.

With practical information, thoughtful first-hand experiences and sage advice off the back of thousands of weddings, Get Wed takes the unknown out of wedding planning to ensure your milestone moment is smooth-sailing, perfectly personal and positively brimming with good vibes.

Paperback / softback  392pp  h250mm  x  w200mm  1426g  Misc PB 

ISBN13: 9781761069154