Kath Koschel has faced almost unimaginable hurdles. In her mid-twenties, she broke her back and was told she may never walk again. Shortly afterwards, she lost her beloved partner to suicide. Then, just as she was piecing her life back together, she was hit by a drunk driver while cycling and forced to relearn to walk a second time.

In the midst of these harrowing experiences, Kath created the Kindness Factory on social media to share her small acts of kindness, hoping to inspire a groundswell of people to join her. Her idea blew up: millions of acts have since been logged, giving birth to the 'Kindness Curriculum' - a blueprint for happiness, resilience and connection which has now launched in schools across three countries.

In 2016 she put her beliefs to the ultimate test, leaving home with nothing but a change of clothes, her phone and a toothbrush - no food, money or water. Her goal? To see how long she could survive on the kindness of strangers. Her journey took her to every state in Australia, where she met with people from all walks of life to share her kindness manifesto.

Part stirring memoir and part empowering call to action, Kindness is a timely reminder that there is always light to be found, if only we look hard enough.