Here are the three Laws of Quill, carved in stone outside every town hall, and learnt by every schoolchild:
There shall be No Witches.
There shall be No Dragons.
There shall be NO SECRETS.

Ten-year-old Brim has been sent to the Quillian School for Prevention of Witches, but she's sure it's a mistake. It's true that she has tiny feathers sprouting from her elbows, and that she's the only person who remembers the odd-looking calf that has been following her. But she is most definitely Not a Witch.

Meanwhile, Queen Rose of Hallow has received reports of a secret weapon in the mountains of Quill, and goes to investigate. Alone. Luckily, she's not just a twelve-year-old girl with red hair and a wilful nature. She is also a dragon.

Before long, Rose and Brim find themselves trapped in Quill, in the worst possible danger. Just a witch, a dragon and a LOT of secrets.

A bewitching tale of bravery, betrayal and one very forgettable horned glob, from the award-winning author of Rita's Revenge and Spellhound.

Paperback / softback  352pp  h198mm  x  w128mm  302g  B 

ISBN13: 9781761067365