This special omnibus combines comedian Kitty Flanagan's award-winning 488 Rules for Life with her rather prosaically titled sequel, More Rules for Life. Inside this blockbuster edition you'll find rules for every aspect of daily life, such as:

Pregnant women aren't magic lamps; don't rub them.
One to two squirts of perfume or aftershave is ample.
Never make eye contact with someone while eating a banana.
Once a month, hold your yoga tights up to the light and check the thread count.
And always, always, remove the lettuce before toasting a sandwich.

Witty, helpful and endlessly entertaining, this omnibus is the quintessential reference book with the power to change society...or, at least, make it a little less irritating.

'Rule no. 1 - Buy this book, laugh out loud, become a better person.'
Jason Alexander (Seinfeld).