I was dreading the Cunningham family reunion even before the first murder. Before the storm stranded us at the mountain resort, snow and bodies piling up. The thing is, us Cunninghams don't really get along. We've only got one thing in common- we've all killed someone. My brother My step-sister My wife My father My mother My sister-in-law My uncle My stepfather My aunt Me The Australian novel that has taken the world by (snow)storm. Following a heated auction in Hollywood, film/TV rights were sold to HBO, and publishing rights to 26 countries so far! 'I absolutely loved it. Utterly original, hugely entertaining, and a must-read for every fan of the mystery genre.' Jane Harper 'The most luxuriantly enjoyable novel I've read in years. And years . . . I only wish there were more members of the Cunningham clan, so that this raucous, matchlessly entertaining mystery could go on longer.' AJ Finn 'This is undoubtedly a future classic.' The Big Issue 'The most original crime novel you will read this year.' Canberra Weekly 'For something different, look no further than the very clever and entirely experimental Everyone In My Family Has Killed Someone ... one of the most anticipated books of the year.' Weekend Australian 'An engrossing whodunnit, with an ingenious twist on the classic crime genre. The type of book you finish and want to immediately read again.' Kyle Perry 'If you're a classic murder mystery fan looking for something fresh and original, you will absolutely love this. I did.' Anna Downes 'The best thing I've read in ages. I absolutely loved it. Whip-smart, twisted, funny, and constructed with the pinpoint precision of a bloodthirsty watchmaker.' Stuart MacBride