Sparkling with wit and wisdom, Old Seems to be Other People is a collection of essays by Lily Brett that explores the hilarity, challenges and poignancy of getting older. Stories are simultaneously hilarious, serious and utterly irresistible, in true Brett style. 'People assume that if you are female and over seventy you are oblivious to men's good looks. No one would blink if a 99-year-old man wearing an oxygen mask mentioned a good-looking woman...' Most of us would like to live to an old age, but few of us actually want to be old. In this disarming and gently self-deprecating collection of vignettes about ageing, Lily Brett gives us snapshots of her everyday life in New York. After waving enthusiastically to a tall, grey-haired woman she has mistaken for her husband and avoiding a large dog that turns out to be a fire hydrant, Lily has to concede that her ophthalmologist is right- she does need cataract surgery. While at a cafe with her husband she's transfixed by a speed-dating dinner in progress at the other end of the cafe. She moves closer and watches. The event manager tells her they also have speed-dating dinners for seniors. In the crowded Apple store, in Soho, two young Apple assistants decide it will take both of them to help her. Sparkling with wit and wisdom, Old Seems to be Other People, Lily Brett's unique take on getting older, is simultaneously hilarious, serious and utterly irresistible.

ISBN: 9781761042348
Author: Brett,Lily
Publication date: 13/04/2021
Format: Hardback
Pages: 160
Dimension: 216mm X 141mm