This is a raw, gritty, inspiring, eye-opening true story of one woman's life that represents the lives of so many other Aboriginal women like her. Life is tough for the Connell family, growing up in a small town where racist attitudes, discrimination and violence against Aboriginal people are commonplace. Lavinia is lucky- her parents ensure her family stays together while other cousins and friends are removed from the state. But violence and adversity occur over and over, even while young Lavinia also excels ;at sport and at school - drawing on her own inner strength and a physical resourcefulness. In time, Lavinia will find herself a homeless young widow, stripped of hope when her own four children are taken away. But she has a way of righting herself, using education and determination to bring her small family back together, and finding love when she least expects it. ;;Smashing Serendipity is the yarn Lavinia tells her children and her grandchildren, gathered by the fire on the banks of the river where she grew up - the story of one good woman - one moordtj yorga - that reflects the stories of so many strong, determined women of her time..