When he received an SOS from a friend kidnapped in a dark corner of Asia, journalist Conor Woodman began a journey that would lead him to the most dangerous and least understood place on earth: Wa State, a lawless enclave of Myanmar that neither the government nor the army dare to enter, and a hotbed of vice and corruption.

Conor embarks on a deadly undercover investigation to discover what is being cooked up in this far-flung jungle state. The answer is methamphetamine - tonnes of it. But where is the meth's final destination? Billions of dollars of it are shipped to Australia, the world's most lucrative drug market. The addicts have no idea that the burning rocks they crave have travelled 10,000 kilometres to fill their pipes.

In Australia, Conor looks beyond the terrifying statistics to discover a cast of cooks, dealers and users in ordinary neighbourhoods, trapped in the meth economy, and the cops, doctors and families fighting the world's most destructive narcotic.

Meth Road is the real Breaking Bad. It's a journey into a hidden and fascinating narco-state that is the world's main source of crystal meth, and a wild ride following the obscene wealth and destruction paving the drug's road into Australia.

Paperback / softback  304pp  h234mm  x  w153mm  343g  C-Format PB 

ISBN13: 9781760878559