In the 1960s, a tropical island in the Coral Sea hides dark secrets behind its primordial beauty.

Thalia - 'Tally' - Ramsey has grown up barefoot, wild and free on the island purchased by her maternal grandfather. It is a paradise with two faces: an idyllic honeymoon resort for the rich and famous; and an untamed coastline with steeply rising peaks covered in impenetrable jungle.

Tally has always known she will one day become the Mistress of Dara Island in her mother Nerissa's stead. A belief founded on her mother's promise. But as she matures, her determination and wilfulness bring her into conflict with her ruthless father, 'Bullshark' Richard Ramsey, a powerful figure feared by everyone, including his wife. Ultimately, Tally must face the heartbreaking realisation that her promised future is slipping from her grasp.

After a sudden disappearance from the island, Tally embarks on a desperate search that leads her deep into Dara's treacherous wilderness - a journey that will challenge all her assumptions about herself, her home and the people she loves.

Paperback / softback  368pp  h234mm  x  w153mm  460g  C-Format PB 

ISBN13: 9781760687755